About Us

BridgePoint Solutions Group is a complete retail services provider with active involvement in supermarkets, pet supplies, hardware, hotel/hospitality, pharmacy, and many other related sectors.


The principals of BridgePoint Solutions Group bring almost 100 years in combined retail services experience ranging from technology and communications to retail pricing and store operations. BridgePoint was created with one idea in mind, provide essential value added services to the backbone and strength of today's business world, the independent businessperson.


BridgePoint Solutions Group's staff and industry partners bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of retail services. Our goal is to help you capitalize on best in class solutions for your business and successfully compete in today's ever changing, highly competitive retail marketplace. From our credit/debit processing solutions to our retail pricing strategy sessions, you will find the right solution for your operation from our vast menu of offerings.


A partnership with BridgePoint Solutions Group allows you to successfully concentrate on your core business, while we help with all the technology aspects. 


Experience a whole new standard in retail services and let BridgePoint Solutions Group show you why we are the provider of "Retail Services that make Cents."

Progressive Grocer Article


  "We couldn't have completed

   the project without BridgePoint.


   They were there every step of

   the way, and saved us time

   and money."


            -- Brent Benton

                Food Giant